About Us

About Us

Deckert Acoustical Floors utilizes the latest technology and will set elevations when a level floor is critical. With Deckert Acoustical Floors’ specialized equipment, self-leveling concrete can be poured up to 40,000 square feet a day…an efficient application and fast drying time to keep you on schedule.

Spalled, rough, old slabs may be capped for a floor that’s like new. Soft, deteriorated lightweight concrete can be sealed and poured with 1/4″ Level-Right. Deckert Acoustical Floors utilizes both gypsum based and Portland cement-based underlayments to match your project specification and budget.

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Deckert Acoustical Floors has provided answers to your floor underlayment needs and sound control issues since 1985. With over 30 years of experience, qualified crews, and premier Maxxon products, we are your floor experts.

We are committed to building strong relationships with the clients we serve. Deckert Acoustical Floors assists Architects, Engineers, and Owners in the development and specifications of new projects in Illinois.

Deckert Acoustical Floors will continue to grow in the future, along with Maxxon Corporation, to remain the leader and innovator of floor toppings in the industry.

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Brian Deckert

Sales and Estimating

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Sales & Estimating

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Office Manager

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